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Duvonn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, an innovative firm in a high-tech pioneer park in East China's Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, has been dedicated to design, manufacture and sale of high-performance fire resistant data memory devices, refractory SSD and such relevant products as car black boxes ( MDVR ). The fireproof performance of our products exactly match the required specifications of a flight black box as per EUROCAE standard ED-155 for lightweight flight recording systems issued in 2009. The unique data memories and SSD survive 1100 high temperature fires ( 30min ) and remain functional 100m underwater for 240 hours. The rugged memory device for trains made as per US DOT criteria ( FRA 49 CFR Part 229 ) survives 1100 high temperature for 2 hours. Patents have been granted  for the unique memory device in China, Japan and the US.


Our rugged data memories and the versatile car black boxes enable you to access the stored data immediately after such events as fire, immersion or car crash so that you may get to know what has just happened on site and proceed further with a rescue plan. The products prove to be widely applicable in both private and public vehicles, bus monitors, surveillance equipment, security products, etc.  


We will continue to focus on research and development, and bring more innovative electronic products. Whatever your needs and desires, Duvonn should be your first choice and we are always ready to be at your service.

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