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TR - P Series Refractory Heavy Trucks Memory Module Rugged SSD Fireproof Data Storage Device


  • A rugged data memory module for protection of data in extreme conditions. 

  • FPC connector 

  • Storage via eMMC or SSD

  • Proof against 1100℃ high intensity fire 

  • antishock and waterproof

  • Stored data immediately accessible in case of harsh events such as fire, explosion, hard crash or water immersion, and thus facilitating immediate further analysis and investigations of the events 

  • Recommended for use in rail transit vehicles, oil tank trailers and heavy-duty trucks. 

  • As  per international railway equipment quality standard: IEC62625.1 2013 

  • Size: 9.2 x 8.0 x 4.8 cm (3.6 x 3.1 x 1.9 in)

  • NWT: 1.30 kg (2.87 lb)  


Technical Specifications: 


SATA2.0        □ USB2.0        □ eMMC      □ NAND Flash


Input: 5V±5%     Consumption:<0.5W

Writing   Circulation

SLC: 100000   times     MLC: 3000 times


eMMC (SLC): □1G   □2G   □4G    □8G 

eMMC (MLC): □16G    □32G    □64G   □128G

SSD (MLC): □128G    □256G    □512G     □1024G

Fire Resistance

1100℃/ 15min,  950℃/ 20min,  260℃/ 120min

650℃/30min followed by 300℃/60min followed by 100℃/300min

Water Immersion

100m deep water    240hr 

Liquid Oil   Immersion

48 hours

Antiknock   Quality

0.5ms  Top Side: 1008KPa ( 1kgTNT/1m )

Static Extrusion Force

166 kN / 5min (three axes)

Impact Force 

55g / 100ms (all axes)

110g / 50ms (all axes)

Pin Penetration

0.4cm2    23kg/1.5m    

Temperature   Range

-40 - 75℃(operation)

-40 - 85℃(storage)


IEC 62625-1,2013