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Fireproof Crashworthy Memory Module TR - C

●  Arugged crashworthy memory device specially designed for protection ofmemory data against extremely harsh events such as fire, immersion and hard crash
●  Air connector M12-5PIN
●  Withstanding 1100"C high temperature fire for 60min or 750"C/ 60min followed by 260"C/ 600min
●  The stored data can be retrieved conveniently after unexpected harsh events
●  Highly suitable for event data recorders of trains, subways or wherever you have a high demand for protection of your data information in extremely harsh conditions
●  In accordance with IEEE Standard for Rail Transit Vehicle Event Recorders:IEEE 1482.1 - 2013
●  Size:160x110x80mm(6.30x4.33x3.15in)
●  NWT: 3.80 kg (8.38|b )
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