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Refractory Crashworthy Memory Module External Series Model QG-CU

●  Rugged data memory module with good antishock performance connected to vehicle data recorders,CCTV systems, security products or wherever you have a high demand for data safety
●  Rugged shell made of alloy steel 20 CrMo to increase its corrosion resistance, hardness and extreme temperature stability
●  Air connector M12-5PIN
●  Resistant to 1100C high temperature fire
●  Survivable at 100m deep water for 240 hours
●  Stored data retrievable immediately after incidents of fire, explosion, immersion, car crash, etc.
●  Size: 136x97 x 74 mm (5.35x3.82 x2.91 in)
●  NWT:2.50 kg(5.51 Ib )
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